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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question and it isn't answered here, please contact us and we will answer you directly

How much product do I need to make your services worthwhile?

The average size outdoor grown hemp/cannabis plant yields about a pound (but up to 5 or more) of finished product. And that seems to be the magic number. With 4 outdoor plants you could be having to trim 4+ pounds, which by hand could take forever. While we have trimmed smaller harvests the machine works best with more buds in the tumbler. Even a half pound is worth the time to have it done in less than 2 hours.

What we require onsite?

Our small machine can be set up in a 6x6 foot square. It can be set up outside weather permitting but under cover of a roof is ideal. We have 25 foot extension cords for each machine. The bucker can be run at the same time as the trimmer but needs its own outlet. The trimmer requires two plugs but can be in the same outlet. Our commercial trimmer requires one 110 outlet and and the impeller fan requires a 220 outlet. We have a generator that can run everything if needed. 10x10 foot space on flat level ground is required. Preferably in a workshop type area or on a concrete pad. Everything is transported in a 6ft x 12ft roll off enclosed trailer.

I'm about to harvest and want my plants trimmed. What do I need to do?

The best way to prepare your harvest for trimming is to cut the plant and hang the entire thing. Our machine can trim wet or dry but works best with a little drying left to do. Leaves should have a little moisture left in them. When we arrive the first thing we do after setup is to cut branches off the main stalk making them easy to be fed into the bucking machine. This pulls the branches through and pops the buds off making them ready for the trimmer. In the trimmer the buds are tumbled and trimmed. The trimmed product can then easily be put in a multi tiered drying screen for finishing.

What happens to the trimmed material?

You get back 100% of your plant. After the buds are trimmed to your specifications we open up the trim bag. Everything cut off of your plants is chopped by an impeller fan and blown into two bags for separation. One bag collects all the vegetable matter which is immediately able to be decarboxylated, pressed, ice washed, or whatever else you want. The second bag collects any kief through a silkscreen. All this is yours to do with what you will.

How long does the trimming process take?

Most of our jobs over a pound but under ten pounds have averaged a pound per hour. Our small machine can be set up and running within 15 min of arrival. The bucker and trimmer can run in tandem so as soon as enough buds are bucked the trimming can begin while the rest of the buds are bucked. The buds can be run through the machine multiple runs until it is to your liking. The only stops during most jobs have been keeping different strains separate. 

We are a commercial operation with acreage, what can your machine handle?

Our large trimmer is capable of trimming close to a half acre in a day with an acre estimated at about 1000 plants/pounds. We start with a half day to a full day of bucking to clean enough bud to start trimming, then the bucker and trimmer can be run in tandem until bucking is finished. Because commercially we charge by the pound through machines we are motivated to finish your job quickly. We have a generator capable of running all of our machines if needed. We come in a 6x12 foot enclosed trailer which can be locked and left onsite for multiple day projects and are equipped with all extra machine parts to ensure your job keeps rolling. Job poundage is determined by the weight of your product before bucking because you are getting 100% of that back in trimmed bud, bio mass, vegetable matter and kief. Job weight is estimated beforehand and a 50% deposit is taken. Second payment is made after final weight is determined.

Do you report your jobs to the state or any other agency?

No. We do not report anything to any state board or agency. We do not report how many plants or finished product you have or whether it was hemp or cannabis we trimmed. Using MarPro Trimming services is not illegal processing, you are basically renting a machine from us and we come with it to ensure quality and do maintenance if necessary. 

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