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About MarPro LLC

MarPro LLC was started after an especially long hand-trimming session with a friend. We thought "There has to be a quicker, more efficient way." This started research into different buckers and trimmers.

Deciding on Centurion trimmers because of their quality construction, ease of use and superior trim collection system, we purchased a tabletop bucker and trimmer. During the first Virginia growing season, we had the pleasure of helping some awesome folks and trimming some amazing harvests. After meeting all the folks we got to help, learning how well the machines worked, and with Virginia's second summer growing season approaching fast, we purchased a larger trimming machine to dive into the commercial market. Bringing us to where we are today: Providing you with discreet mobile trimming services using high-quality, state-of-the-art buckers/trimmers, so you don't have to trim your product with low end machines that just don't work, or purchase expensive machines that when not in use must be stored and maintained.

Mar Pro LLC Cannabis and Hemp trimming/bucking services are based in Charlottesville Va. Our Private Harvest trimming service works primarily with Central Virginia growers. For commercial/industrial operations we service Virginia, North Carolina, DC and Maryland.  Our consulting services are available to an international clientele. Think we can help? Then please get in touch.

MarPro LLC is licensed, bonded, and insured
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